Why Have Your Carpet Cleaned?
The Carpet in your home is like a HUGE air filter. It constantly filters dust mites and allergens circulating in the air. It also traps numerous soils from outdoors due to foot traffic, these could include dirt, sand, bird droppings, germs, bacteria as well as mold spores.

About Our Process:
In order to provide you with exceptional carpet cleaning results, we use  hot water extraction or steam cleaning  to thoroughly clean the carpets in your home. This is the ONLY method recommended by your carpet manufacturer.  This method also works to kill germs and bacteria in your home.  All of our cleaning agents are considered safe for you, your home, and your pets.


Our upholstery cleaning process is thorough, attentive and extensive. We rejuvenate your upholstery by doing away with all of the persistent dirt, debris and grime that resides in its fibers. When we’re done, your upholstered furniture looks as good as new. Our cleaning solutions don’t leave behind any icky reside that draws in dirt, either, ensuring that your furniture remains squeaky clean for as long as possible.

Our team consists of talented and experienced professionals who are experts in upholstery cleaning. Not only are they seasoned pros, but they’re also extremely dedicated to their jobs. Our professionals are committed to giving you quality work, time and time again.

Since our technicians exclusively use cleaning equipment and solutions that are completely safe and mild, you can relax when they’re in your home, even if you have small children or pets. All of our tools and cleaning products are safe, efficient and gentle.